Scomadi, A modern classic

Welcome on the Scomadi website! Scomadi, a classic scooter with modern technique.

On our website you can find everything about us. How it all started, the latest news, the models but also the shops where you can buy them. Look at the models or visit one of the shops to see them in real life. There you can see and feel the passion that we put into every Scomadi!


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Turismo Leggera Dual Colour

Turismo Leggera 50
scomadi turismo leggera oranje


  • Luggage bag

    Need more space for your belongings?

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  • Bar-end Mirros

    An absolute must have!

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  • Front Side Protector

    The front side protector doesn't only look cool, it also protects your Scomadi.

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  • Front Bumper Guard

    This front bumper guard is perfect for pimping your Scomadi Turismo Leggera.

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  • Small Rear Carrier

    Check out the small rear carrier for your Turrismo Leggera.

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  • Rear Carrier

    Not enough room for all your luggage?

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  • Front Carrier

    Do you want to enjoy your freedom even more?

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  • Wind Screen TL50 Large         Clear

    For the Turismo Leggera we have an XL wind screen...

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  • Wind Screen TL50 Small

    Change your Scomadi scooter in an absolute eye-catcher!

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  • Side stand

    Now available, the Scomadi side stand.

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  • Mud flap

    Also the back of your Scomadi must look nice.

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  • Scomadi Sticker

    Make your Scomadi unique with the official panther sticker.

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